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Research on English Reading Teaching
Through Multimedia Networks in Vocational Schools
As always an indispensable and important part in China’s educational system, vocational schools have been bearing the fateful tasks that they not only teach their students how to do with their studies, but also teach them how to learn and have a good mastery of skills so as to serve society and realize self-development. Therefore, on this point of both students’ base in knowledge and ability, and the specific cultivating orientation as well, the English teaching and learning of vocational schools is different from that of other ordinary high schools / middle schools.
With the continuous development of multiple media technology, the mode for our English learning has begun transforming from the traditional way to a new one, one striking characteristic of which is that the use of multiple media technology and networks. It is well known that reading comprehension in English learning plays an important role in developing students’ abilities of language analysis, understanding and application. So the author will in the thesis, based on the features of vocational schools and beginning with the studies of traditional method in English reading teaching, analyze the feasibilities of using multiple media technology and networks in such teaching by comparing the advantages and disadvantages of traditional and new teaching modes. And we will, with the help of the meta cognition theory, research and analysis the problems we often come across in the English reading teaching. This article will discuss how to use multiple media technology and networks more properly and effectively in future reading teaching. The last but not least, the author hopes that the text will be a little helpful and complementary for English teaching research.      


 Key Words:
Vocational Schools   Multiple Media   Reading Comprehension   Meta cognition Theory.
1. An overview of vocational school English teaching in China
As we all know that vocational education, as one of the major components of the educational system in China, is very important to our educational work. The Characteristic of vocational school needs the appropriate teaching methods. English is an essential course for the students in vocational school not only to graduate, but also for future development. Because the 21st century is an era of knowledge economy and information, the development of information and multimedia has brought huge challenge to English teaching and to English learning, simultaneously it has also brought the opportunities. Moreover, the rapid development and application of multimedia network technology provides a platform for English reading teaching through multimedia networks in vocational schools. The emergence of multimedia network courseware in the teaching of English reading greatly improves the students’ abilities to access the information, it creates a real situation which stimulates students’ interest in learning, it provides the independent study and the team cooperation study opportunity for the students, it also cultivates the students’ communicative competence and cross-cultural awareness in the study.


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