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The Application of Multimedia Technology in College English Teaching
摘  要
随着科学技术的飞速发展,信息技术的广泛应用,大学英语教学(CET)正面临着前所未有的挑战。这就要求英语教师清醒地意识到,他们仅仅依靠传统的教学方法和教学模式很难适应当今高等教育发展的要求。因此,教育部(2004)明确提出了“大学英语课程要求”,即考虑到迅速增加的大学生数量和现有的教学资源相对有限,我们应该充分利用多媒体和互联网所带来的机会,并运用一种新的教学模式来代替单一的以教师为中心的教学方法。本文论述了多媒体技术在大学英语教学中的应用,并由六章组成。第一章为引言,第二章为文献综述。第三章介绍了研究过程和研究方法,本研究主要运用了问卷调查的方法对浙江越秀外国语学院和绍兴文理元培学院的教师与学生进行了调查。第四章为问卷调查的结果与分析。调查发现,大部分学生支持多媒体教学,认为多媒体教学比较有乐趣。但在教师中支持多媒体教学的比例相对较低,原因也有很多,例如教师的电脑知识不够丰富以及多媒体设备偶尔的故障会影响教学质量等等。第五章对如何提高基于多媒体的大学英语教学的几点建议。最后作者对本研究进行了总结。 [毕业设计论文网]

关键词: 多媒体技术的应用;大学英语教学;大学英语课程教学要求


With the rapid development of science and technology, and the extensive application of information technology, college English teaching (CET) is facing the hitherto unknown challenge. This requires English teachers soberly aware that their dependence only on the traditional teaching methods and teaching mode is difficult to adapt to the requirements of today’s higher education development. Therefore, The Ministry of Education (2004) states clearly in “College English Curriculum Requirements” that considering the rapidly increasing number of college students and the relative limitation of available teaching resources, we should make full use of opportunities brought by multimedia and Internet technology, and apply a new kind of teaching mode to take the place of the unitary teacher-centered approach. In this thesis, the author explores the application of multimedia technology in college English teaching, and it consists of six chapters. The first chapter is introduction and the second chapter is literature review. The third chapter is the research method and research process. In this research, the author conducted questionnaire survey among teachers and students of Zhejiang Yuexiu University of Foreign Languages (ZYUFL) and Shaoxing Yuanpei College. In chapter four, the author introduces the results of the questionnaire and makes an analysis of the data obtained. The survey shows that most of the student participants support multimedia teaching mode because of the fun of multimedia teaching. But only a small number of teacher support multimedia teaching. There are many factors involved such as teachers’ poor computer knowledge, occasional failure of multimedia devices, and so on. In chapter five, the author proposes some suggestions on how to improve multimedia-based college English teaching. At the end of the paper, the author makes a summary of the research.


Key Words: the application of multimedia technology; College English teaching; College English Curriculum Requirements
Table of Contents
摘  要    I
1 Introduction    1
1.1 Research Significance    1
1.2 Research Purpose    1
1.3 Research Framework    1
2 Literature Review    3
2.1 Definition of Multimedia    3
2.2 Constructivism    3
2.3 Previous Studies    4
3 Research Method    6
3.1 Subjects    6
3.2 Instrument and Procedures    6
3.3 Data-collection and Analysis    7
4 Results and Discussion    8
4.1 Results from Teacher’s Questionnaire    8
4.1.1 Teachers’ Self-evaluation on Computer Competence    8 [毕业设计网]
4.1.2 Teachers’ Attitude towards MTACET    8
4.2 Results from Student’s Questionnaire    8
4.2.1 Students’ Evaluation on Teachers’ Computer Competence    8
4.2.3 Students’ Autonomous Learning with Multimedia Technology    9
4.3 Major Findings    9
5 Suggestions on How to Improve MTACET    11
5.1 From the Perspective of the Education Administration and Institutes    11
5.1.1 Increasing Investment in Multimedia Equipments    11
5.1.2 Cultivating More Qualified Teachers    11
5.2 From the Perspective of the College English Teachers    12
5.2.1 Updating the Knowledge Frequently    12
5.2.2 Improving the Courseware Quality    12
5.2.3 Improving the Interaction in MTACET    12
5.3 From the Perspective of the College Students    12 [毕业设计论文网]
6 Conclusion    14
References    16
Appendix I: Questionnaire for Students    18
Appendix II: Questionnaire for Teachers    21 [毕业设计论文网]

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