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Analysis of Singapore Advertising Video from the Multi-model


Analysis of Singapore Advertising Video from the Multi-model Perspective(论文8200字)
The national image and communication is a long-term and systematic project and an important issue, the establishment of a national publicity film is an effective form of communication, the need for the systematic analysis of the image of the country and the core elements of differentiated features, the image of the nation to determine a refined and integrated marketing communication strategy based on. This article will analyze Singapore advertising video from the multi-model perspective-theme, plot, people and culture, and discuss what are worth noticing in the advertising video of a country, and how a country could express its culture, spirit by introducing its national conditions and spreading its image. It is hoped that it can take the image film and explore the ideas and provide the reference.

Key words: Advertising video; analyze; multi-model

1.    Introduction

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1.1 The Arise of Advertising Video
Advertising is a way of paying information, transmitting certain information to a certain person through a certain medium, in order to achieve a certain purpose and responsible information dissemination activities.  Paid, responsible information dissemination activities are called advertising.
Advertising is  to tell consumers, money can spend, as a means of advertising products, advertising involves almost get in by every opening, aspects of life, lots of advertisements, it is easy to let us produce visual fatigue, fatigue and disgust, what can let us find everything fresh and new feeling advertising not watching. Advertising, but in the experience of the product, it needs to inject advertising creative thinking. Creative advertising can always give people a sense of memory. Advertising can be divided into profit-making advertising and non-profit public service advertising. In the creative aspect, I personally feel that the public service ads are better. Public service advertising is a kind of advertising which advocates social morality and beautifies the social atmosphere. There is no specific advertising crowd, no products, so in this aspect of creativity, public service advertising is better than profit - making advertising. [1] 【本文来自】

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